Lenders: Before sending loan documents, please contact the Escrow Officer to arrange delivery.

Athena Bazar  (Escrow Officer)
Athena started as an escrow receptionist in 1963 for Lucille Foote, the first woman to own an escrow company. She started Escrow Exchange Inc. in 1978 with her sister, Sandy, and then became the sole owner of Escrow Exchange West in 1994. Athena has maintained a spotless reputation in this industry for nearly 40 years.
 E-mail Athena:  ab@escrowexchange.net

Jill Lee Gumbiner  (Escrow Officer)
Jill started as a receptionist at Escrow Exchange Inc. in 1989, and never left. She trained under Athena Bazar—the best in the industry—and began working her own desk within four years. She feels honored to work at a well-established, family-owned company with such an impeccable reputation. Jill is a huge Springsteen fan.
 E-mail Jill:  jg@escrowexchange.net

Colleen Haber  (Escrow Officer)
Colleen has extensive experience in residential and refinance transactions, including condo conversions and tract sale escrows. Her commitment to excellence ensures that your transaction will be handled as if it was the only one. Colleen is known for excellent follow-up and communication.
 E-mail Colleen:  colleen@escrowexchange.net

Francine Feuer  (Escrow Officer)
Francine's bio is to come.
 E-mail Francine:  fb@escrowexchange.net

Noemi Valverde  (Escrow Assistant)
Noemi plays a vital role at Escrow Exchange West by helping all of the escrow officers and their clients through the escrow process. Noemi speaks fluent Spanish.
 E-mail Noemi:  nv@escrowexchange.net

Mindy Bazar  (Office Manager/PR/Marketing)
Mindy is the office manager and also handles PR and marketing at Escrow Exchange West. She loves working with such a great group of passionate individuals.
 E-mail Mindy:  mindy@escrowexchange.net